Transforming others..!

Transforming others! – by Guruji Krishnananda

An elderly man said that the group he used to work with was not good. He was very unhappy because in spite his Meditations he was not able to transform them. He implied that Meditations have not solved the problem. Let us understand clearly and very honestly that Meditations are meant for individual Spiritual growth, not for transforming others. This is the truth.

But when we meditate, when our behaviour changes, when we keep a smile on our face and when we vibrate positivity, then there will definitely be an impact on others. This MAY bring transformation in others.

However, if others do not grow immediately due our Meditations then we should not grumble. To bring in transformation we have to pursue other ways. Send Light to them and wait. And just because we send Light, people do not change. The Light will work when it is accepted and allowed to work in our system. There are many stages and many obstacles; that’s why transformation is not that easy.

The issue is that as individuals we meditate for one hour and then we expect the whole world to change. We are not reasonable in our expectations. Sometimes we want changes to occur in our way but it may occur in a different, perhaps a better way. Because changes do not occur the way we want, we start grumbling and blame it all on Meditation.

The changes that we want may occur after some time, or maybe after quite a long time. We have to accept the pace. Personally, I have experienced that it takes time, but Meditation always works.

(Source: Book – Guruji Speaks Volume 5)


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