Collapses – A Message from Guruji Krishnananda
The Light has revolutionized our lives. It has brought us peace, efficiency, wisdom and a zeal for living. The Light has more. It depends on us to take out the rich gifts from Light. While channelling Light, we also experience it. This experience changes our attitudes and transforms us from the human to the divine. There is no doubt about it.
The time has come to take the Revolution by Light to the next level where we spread the awareness of Light to more people and help them to channel Light daily. If more people channel Light, there will be more awakenings in the individuals and more Transformation. When individuals transform the systems also transform. All systems: economic, political, religious, educational, medicinal…..change. If the systems do not change, they collapse. This is what all the Wise who are living and who are in the higher planes and watching us say.
Light Channelling is not a simple activity, it brings changes in everyone, everywhere. It builds up a silent, peaceful and total Revolution. Let us build up the Revolution. Let every one of us channel Light daily from our homes.

About Revolution by Light

Light Channelling is a Silent Revolution for World Peace. Please Channel Light for minimum of 7 minutes daily, at anytime of the day & from anyplace. Contribute to World Peace. Heal yourself & Heal the World. Visit -,
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