Global Transformation

Channel Light daily for a minimum of 7 minutes at anytime, any where.

Heal yourself. Heal the World.

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Send Light. Here’s how…

While channelling Light, we request Divine Light from the Ocean of Light to descend into us and after experiencing Light as Peace and Divine Love, we spread It around. Light is God’s Energy. It is full of Wisdom, Knowledge, Compassion and has infinite Potential to guide, help, protect and assist in many ways. Besides spreading Light generally, there is another way of petitioning Light to help specifically – by sending Light.
When we see injustices, diseases and strife which we cannot change, we can send Light. All that is needed is to request Light to heal the place, situation or a person. Since Energy follows our intent, intend that after Light descends into us, Light emanates as a beam from our hearts and reaches out to wherever and to whom-so-ever we denote. The Grace from Light can establish harmony wherever it is needed.
We cannot instruct Light about what It needs to do or what we wish should happen, we cannot instruct God. Light will know what it should do and when. Light speaks to the person at the level of the Soul. Given the Law of Freewill, a person may even reject Light and Its guidance and continue with negativity. Light never enforces change, It supports positive growth. It helps the Divine potential in everyone to bloom forth. Instant results may or may not happen since the gravity of the situation always varies and the acceptance of guidance from Light depends on the individual.
You may send Light to anyone, anywhere, at anytime for as long as you want. Sending Light is a Spiritual, non-religious act of Love and Compassion.
(Based on the teachings of Guruji Krishnananda)

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Meaning of being Spiritual..

“Being Spiritual does not mean having no desires, but having higher desires for the greater good of humanity.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Awaken to many Realities

Awaken to many Realities – by Guruji Krishnananda
We have to awaken to many Truths, many Realities. We have to awaken from ignorance. Sometimes people say that in Hinduism there are so many gods. All these gods do exist. Lord Mahavishnu is in-charge of Life and Life Forces. Lord Shiva is in-charge of the forces of destruction. Lord Brahma is in-charge of creation. And hordes of gods assist these processes.
All gods/deities are manifestations from a single God. There is one God. And here, on this earth, we can imagine Him to be Light. And from that Light all these emanations, all these manifestations came forth. God is energy. God is Light. And God is omnipresent. Everyone has to awaken to the Truth that there is only one God and all others are manifestations.
People have to awaken to the reality that the idols represent gods or deities. A god or deity is energy. The idol carries these energies. Idols are to be worshipped, no doubt, but they themselves are not the deity. Usually, the field of energy is under the ground, beneath the idol. Only a small quantity of energy is present in the idol.
Once we tried to worship Lord Shiva in Nandi Hills. We were told the energies are so huge that the entire hill carries those energies. So, the energies are under the ground and they are the deity, not just the idol.
We have to awaken to the fact that we have to go beyond ritualistic worship or Pooja. Poojas are good, but again we have to go beyond. While performing Pooja we consciously remain distant and distinct from God. When I worship and He gets worshipped, there is duality; there is distance. We have to go beyond this. There are still higher ways of Poojas and worship.
Pooja is a form of expression of our Love and respect. In Meditation, the expression reaches its maximum. We surrender to Him. We merge with Him. That is the highest form of expression of Love.
We are aware of Papa and Punya (merits and demerits). But Punya does not take us to Mukti. A good deed or Karma will give us a good effect, that’s all. Punyas take us only to heaven, not to Mukti. This does not mean that we should not do good deeds but we must know and clearly realize that putting a huge amount in a hundi (donation box) does not help us in attaining Mukti. These are simple Truths. They do not need any explanation.
We cannot appease gods by Shanti Homas or Mantras. Gods do not accept bribes and keep quiet. Most importantly, God is not pleased when we suffer. Some people pierce their tongues and cheeks with needles, etc. Those who do such acts think that God is pleased. God will never appreciate such things. You do not have to suffer. You do not have to even fast to please Him. God is not pleased by these ways.
We must awaken to the reality that God is everywhere, in and around. All that is required is a connection from our pure heart. We have to awaken to this reality. Accept this and begin living accordingly. Interact with God who is everywhere.
(Source – From Book – Guruji Speaks Volume 5)

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Guruji Krishnananda
(Excerpts from old Newsletter – June 1995 issue)

Seven Years ago, I opened Meditation Classes and since then have guided hundreds in the journey in Unconscious. One phase of my activity is over. As my work enters the second phase, I try to turn back and view my struggles, failures and successes. This is always a rewarding exercise. We can always learn from our failures.

Many things have changed in these seven years. The time has changed. We have stepped into the New Age and are receiving the transforming energies. Because of these, there are changes in our systems which necessitate modifying and developing Meditational Techniques. I am able to achieve this with the help of the guiding Rishis who are Masters in the Spiritual Science. Our students have the advantage of their experience and foresight.

These seven years have revealed more about my work and myself. From mere guiding in Meditations to understanding the Spiritual problems of the Meditators and finding solutions to them and from merely passing on the knowledge of the Spiritual science that I had acquired through Amara, when he was available in the physical plane, to gathering new knowledge directly from the Rishis in the higher planes, I could improve my capability with the help of the Rishis.

When I moved in to stay in Taponagara two years ago, the changes were fast and incredible. With the help of Ganga I could channel new energies, build up several fields of Spiritual energy here and store special energies in the Astral chambers. We could accommodate several Higher beings to stay here by building up the required living conditions. Taponagara became a focal point of Astral Visitors and a centre for Astral Light Network. Even on the physical plane we could establish contact with many Light groups spread all over the world.

Rishis initiated me into a Higher Spiritual state and later on raised my ranking several times training me to work in multiple planes and multiple roles of a Guide, Channel, Healer, stellar messenger, distributor of Pralaya energies, member of the Council etc. By their grace and Love, the Rishis trained me in the higher planes to work in many more ways that I am not allowed to reveal. When I look back, I feel happy and grateful to my Rishis.

Seven years ago, even as I started the Meditation Classes, I had the ideas of establishing a commune, a Gurukula or an Ashram. I worked on these ideas for some time. Lack of competent associate workers restrained my zeal. But, now, I feel that it is good. Similar establishments are many and in spite of their material build up, the Spiritual thrust is somehow always lost. I do not want to repeat this experiment.

I have realised that, working in the physical plane, helping the individuals to awaken and tune up to the Divine is the most important mission of every Light worker. From the individual Light, Love and Peace spread. At no time of history the role of the individual was this important and necessary. It is individuals and small groups that are silently building up the conditions for the New Age.

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why channel Light?

Light is everywhere. So why channel?
Light is the Creative Intelligence behind the Creation. Light is the formless God. From this Light, an ocean of Consciousness emerged, and from that this whole Creation. This Light is everywhere in the Creation. Light is energy. It carries within Itself Love, Wisdom and Energies. This Light is not the physical light. It is very subtle and pervades the higher subtler realms.
Light is everywhere and yet we have to channel It because of the Law of Freewill. Every human being has the right to choose good or bad and everything in between. Those who want Peace and positivity from the individual to the global level have to use their Freewill and bring about the changes. The system of governance, education, finance and economics, healthcare, etc. can be improvised. 99% of the world population does not have the authority or the means to affect big definitive changes.
Light Channelling is a Silent Revolution of bringing about positive changes at the grass-roots level of thoughts, emotions and hence action. Light Channelling cleanses the environment of negative vibrations enabling positive actions. Divine Light carries the energies of Healing, Love, Peace and Positivity. These energies help our Transformation into better human beings. When the quality of our thoughts, emotions and actions improve, conflicts will reduce and efficiency improves. With this, our life, society and the world will be a better place.
Divine Light can be accessed by intent, Meditation and by extending our Awareness. It can help us in every way at the individual as well as the global levels. To be the change we want to see in the world, Light Channelling is the simplest and fastest way.
Here’s how to channel Light – Imagine an ocean of Light above you. Request the Light to descend and fill your body. Now, experience the Love and Peace of the Light for a minute and then, intend that it spreads out gradually to your home, locality, country and the world.
Channel Light daily for at least seven minutes from anywhere at anytime. Make your contribution to World Peace. Heal yourself. Heal the World.

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LIGHT WITHIN – Guruji Krishnananda

A Meditator had a vision. Darkness was covering the earth. And a light began shining from within.
This vision has a million words, if we could read. Sadly, we do not read such visions and the words go back into their womb unread leaving us untouched in our deep slumber of ignorance. I wonder, how many visions have gone back and how many lessons are lost! But, I am sure, the visions come back with new words and messages. They come back again and again till we read and wake up. I know it. It is not that I am an unrepenting optimist but the one who sends these messages in visions is a pertinent optimist! He hopes that, some day, people wake up.
The darkness may try to cover the earth. But the Light that is in me, and in each of us, will light up the whole world when it comes out. The process of bringing out the Light has begun. And soon, the world will be full of Light.

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