The 7 Laws & Ways of Light

The 7 Laws & Ways of Light – by Guruji Krishnananda
We know that Light is Love, Light is Wisdom, Light is Peace. Light has Healing powers. To this we shall add one more very important factor – Light has abundance. Carry more Light; you will have more abundance. Abundance need not necessarily mean material and money. There is also an abundance of love, peace etc.
There are 7 laws of Light. The first law is, experience the Light in the inner core, within the system.
The second law is, connect to the greater core, God Himself.
The third law is, connect to everyone and everything, experience Oneness. When we speak of oneness it is not only the oneness amongst the human beings but with all life animate and inanimate. It is only when we experience this kind of Oneness, it is complete.
The fourth law is, spreading Light. It is one of the laws of Light. If you receive Light, you have to spread it. If we receive knowledge we have to spread it.
The fifth law is, manifesting Light.
The sixth law is, to carry Light always. When we carry Light always, we will never behave like ordinary human beings. We behave like the citizens of the future Age, the Light Age. We behave like God Himself.
And the seventh law is, become #Light.
There are 7 ways of Light – being calm and contented; accepting the imperfections around us, in individuals, in the world; being non-aggressive; being good, simple and truthful; celebrating life; sharing the material abundance; and also sharing the abundance of love, peace, knowledge.
(Source: Book – Guruji Speaks Vol 5 – 17th October 2010)

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Ocean of Light

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Techniques with Light – For Memory and Concentration

Techniques with Light – For Memory and Concentration
Good memory and sharp concentration are essential skills required by all of us at any age. Here’s a simple Meditational technique using Divine Light to improve these talents.
Sit quietly and comfortably facing North. Close your eyes and breathe slowly for a minute. Relax.
Then, think of Divine White Light in your head. Be aware of it filling your head for about three minutes (minimum) to seven minutes (maximum).

Practise this in the morning and, students if possible should do so before beginning their studies or before writing exams.
This practice helps in assimilation of knowledge, storing it in our mind and retrieving it when we want it.
Here’s a bit more on Light – Light helps everyone in every way. While there is no doubt about this, we must learn ways of seeking Its help. One may devise one’s own method. There is no harm and everything works. The Light has great compassion and understands our intent. It accommodates our innocent deviations, and even mistakes.
Light is the Creative Intelligence behind the Creation. Light is the formless God. From this Light, an ocean of Consciousness emerged, and from that this whole Creation. This Light is everywhere in the Creation.
Light is energy. It carries within Itself Love and Wisdom. This Light is not the visible physical light. It is very subtle and pervades the entire Creation. It can be accessed by thought, #Meditation and by extending our #Awareness. It can help us in every way, at the individual, as well as the global level.

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“Light provides us unfailing wisdom & strength to face our problems.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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Deepavali Wishes…

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Dealing with Turbulence

Dealing with Turbulence wisely – Guruji Krishnananda

As we had expected, we are witnessing turbulence happening at all levels, individual to global. This is a very unusual turbulence caused by the special energies brought down to earth by the Rishis. The turbulence brings to the surface our emotional, intellectual and spiritual struggles. We have to deal with them wisely. In the process, we learn and grow. Once we learn and move ahead, the turbulence vanishes. The Light helps us here, in understanding and setting our course right.

Channelling Light helps the world and also us, the channels. We must always remember that Light has great intelligence and wisdom. It knows what our problems are and rightly advises us. We may not be aware of the process at this level but we will be aware of it at a deeper level.

The Revolution by Light is a silent Spiritual process that is transforming the world.

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Choice is Ours…

“In every interaction with the World & even within ourselves, we have the option of manifesting either Light or darkness. The choice is ours.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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