LIGHT WITHIN – Guruji Krishnananda

A Meditator had a vision. Darkness was covering the earth. And a light began shining from within.
This vision has a million words, if we could read. Sadly, we do not read such visions and the words go back into their womb unread leaving us untouched in our deep slumber of ignorance. I wonder, how many visions have gone back and how many lessons are lost! But, I am sure, the visions come back with new words and messages. They come back again and again till we read and wake up. I know it. It is not that I am an unrepenting optimist but the one who sends these messages in visions is a pertinent optimist! He hopes that, some day, people wake up.
The darkness may try to cover the earth. But the Light that is in me, and in each of us, will light up the whole world when it comes out. The process of bringing out the Light has begun. And soon, the world will be full of Light.

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8th World Channels Day

8th World Channels Day – February 2018
Revolution by Light, a silent Movement, which was started by Guruji Krishnananda on May 18th, 2008, successfully entered its 10th year. Revolution with Light never fails. This is the final Revolution which will definitely lead humanity to the New Age. 8th World Channels Day was another such effort to take humanity towards magnificent era of Golden Age.
8th World Channels Day was another memorable experience for all of us. To make this Day successful, more than 150 volunteers from all over India worked for more than a month. Their goal was tough to achieve, but their plan was meticulous and execution was picture-perfect. With the grace of Astral Masters and with the help of the Universe, Light Channelling team not only achieved the goal but also surpassed it. They presented a very special gift to Maharshi Amara on his 99th Birth Anniversary.
More than 1 million children and adults channelled Light on this Day. Around 2400 schools from all over India participated in this silent Revolution. Light Channelling sessions were conducted in Bangalore, Mysore, Tumkur and other parts of Karnataka and in Chennai, Madurai and several other parts of Tamil Nadu; similarly in Mumbai, Pune, Sangli, Amravati and different parts of Maharashtra and also in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, New Delhi and Rajasthan.
Although this year was more challenging at all fronts for our volunteers, their determination and enthusiasm made them cross all the barriers. They supported each other. They worked with great zeal. Several volunteers travelled thousands of kilometers to cover schools within and outside Bangalore and in other cities. They met the School Authorities and informed them about World Channels Day. They taught and trained teachers and student leaders to do Light channeling on their own.
On the Day, thousands of schools channelled ‘Light’ on their own. Several schools sent photographs by mail, WhatsApp and confirmed their participation. Many intimated us by phone. We are grateful to all the School Authorities for their immeasurable support.
Every year lakhs of children and adults are opening up to Light. They are making ‘Light’ their companion. With regular Light Channelling they are transforming themselves. Their channeling impacts their surroundings and also the World. This Revolution is already built by these wonderful souls.
Light channelled by lakhs of children will definitely have positive effect on the World. We thank the children, teachers and other Light channels for their immense support. Let more Love and Peace prevail in the World.

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Light Helps…

“Whenever a problem cannot be solved immediately, the Light gives us the courage & the wisdom to live with the problem. Gradually, the problem gets solved.” – Guruji Krishnananda

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LIGHT CHANNELLING & MANTRAS – by Guruji Krishnananda

The Rishis who gave us the Vedas and Mantras are now teaching us that we are entering the Light Age; that we have stronger Divine Energies available for a faster transformation into beings of Light.

In the earlier Yugas, they taught us the performance of Homas and Yagnas; later they taught that chanting the holy name of God or Divine Personalities was enough. When we live in different Yugas or periods of Time, the purity levels in our system and those in the environment are different. Corresponding appropriate Meditational techniques and approaches to the Divine are prescribed by the Spiritual Masters.

Light Channelling is an advanced Meditational technique taught by the Rishis for the times we live in. Mantra is not required. You think of Light, that is enough. Divine Light carries energies which are beyond Mantras

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Thank You – WCD 2018

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World Channels Day – 2018

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Happy & Prosperous 2018

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